shell is not invoked

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Hi, Guys,

  I can use ssh to login to another machine. However, I found that tha the shell
is not invoked after I login in. Each time I need to type bash manually to start
the shell. What can I do with it? Thanks in advance.

Re: shell is not invoked

steinlee wrote:
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Uh, guh?  What are you typing bash manually into?  Without a shell, there's
nothing to take your typed command and run it--including a command to start
a shell...

                      Chris Mattern

Re: shell is not invoked

You probably mean that your default shell is not bash when you log in to
some remote machine...and that would be the case if  it is not your default
shell on that system.  You're probably logging in with a default shell of
/bin/sh or /usr/bin/zsh or /bin/csh or .... (and the list goes on).  Have a
look at 'man chsh'.


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