SFTP working but not SSH

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When I use the sftp command to connect to the host server, it connects
and allows me to download the files. But if I use the "ssh" to connect
then it says

This account is restricted by rssh.
Allowed commands: sftp

If you believe this is in error, please contact your system

Connection to host server closed.

I am using NET::SFTP perl module to connect automatically to the SFTP
Server. The NET::SFTP perl module uses NET::SSH::PERL module which
intern uses "ssh" to login into the host server, because of which I am
getting a "Broken pipe error"

I wanted to know if the Port is open for SFTP, should it work for SSH
also OR should I have a port available for SSH on the Host server. if
Yes Can the port for SSH and SFTP be the same?

Please Help.

Re: SFTP working but not SSH

shalinikolli@gmail.com wrote:
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There is no port difference, they are the same.  Everything connects on
port 22.  But after connecting, the server must run a program.  The
default for 'ssh' is to run a local shell.  For 'sftp', it'll run a sftp

It sounds like instead the account runs a specific program that
interprets the incoming request and prints a denial and exits if that
request is not for sftp.

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Re: SFTP working but not SSH

Thank you for your answer. I just wanted to confirm if the The system
Administrator on the host side has to open the SSH port for me. The
error I am recieving is because they are using a program called rssh
which allows access only to sftp and nothing else. I think the host
server should not use this program in order for me to access ssh.

Thank you once again for the answer.

Darren Dunham wrote:
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