sftp with pub key aythentication

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I would appreciate information.

I am trying to set up on linux machine to use sftp with pub key
authentication and no prompt for password, can anyone show me:

1) where to copy the pub key files on server and client machines?

2) What is the command line option to use sftp?

thanks much

Re: sftp with pub key aythentication

dyu9999@gmail.com says...
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here are the answers :
Let imagine you want to connect for server A to B with user toto.

1) on your server you're trying to connect to, you will need to create
the user "toto".
in its home dir, you'll have to create a dir named ".ssh"
In there, you put the public key in a file called "authorized_keys", and
chmod 600 it.

2) on you client A, you will connect with the user "toto" while you're
logged with the user "me".
in the home dir of user "me", go into ".ssh" and copy the private key of
"toto" in file "id_rsa" or "identity". chmod 400 it.

3) enjoy :)
me@A ~# sftp toto@B

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