SFTP server problems: "Failed to initialize auditing" (Tectia 5.0A Win2003)

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Hello all,
I have just installed Tectia Server 5.0.x A on a Windows 2003 server. I
have problems with the SFTP server.

1. I created a "test" local account on the server to SFTP into.
2. The "test" user needs the permission to "log on locally", and due to
domain security policies this means that it must belong either to the
Administrators or to the Guests group
3. I add the "test" user to the Administrators group and everything
works fine: I can SSH into the server (console access) and I can SFTP
into the server
4. If I add the "test" user to the Guests group, I can still SSH into
the server (console access) but SFTP access does not work anymore.

I tried to track the error and I think the most likely reason is this:
if I SSH into the server as an administrator, I can then run
"sft-server-g3.exe -h" and get the help message.
If I try the same command as a guest, I only get "Failed to initialize
I think that, when I SFTP into the server, the SSH server first of all
allows me to log on the server and then it tries to run sft-server-g3
as myself. If I am not allowed to run sft-server-g3, then I can't get
an SFTP access.

1. what does "Failed to initialize auditing" mean?
2. who is trying to initialize auditing: Tectia or Windows?
3. does this depend on a Windows security policy?
4. why does this happen only with the sft-server-g3 executable?


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