SFTP - possible bug on HP-UX

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On an HPUX 11.0 system I make an SFTP command file with 4 sftp commands.
Here is a "cat" of the file:
[myuser@mymach:/Bdata/myuser]> cat getcmds.wrk
cd /home/usersftp/dataout
get tm_testnow7-txt_1.tmd
rm tm_testnow7-txt_1.tmd

When I try to supply these commands as a -b file to sftp it looks like

[myuser@mymach:/Bdata/myuser]> sftp -b getcmds.wrk
sftp> cd /home/usersftp/dataout
sftp> get tm_testnow7-txt_1.tmd
: No such file or directory.stnow7-txt_1.tmd
sftp> rm tm_testnow7-txt_1.tmd
Command failed.
sftp> quit

Yet, if from the same command line I do:
sftp usersftp@sftp.sftpserver.com
and interactively enter each of the 4 commands, it works exactly as
intended with no errors.

You can see that it looks like the "get" command line is getting

Any ideas?

Thanks so much.

Will Cardwell

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