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Is it possible to log what files that are transfered with sftp.
When files are sent with ftp I log this in the xferlog file (on HP-UX).

I'm trying to migrate my clients into using sftp instead of ftp when
transfering files, but I need to log what files are transferred, from
where (IP, local username) they came, and when.

What about scp?

I use rssh to restrict my clients to scp and sftp only.

Stein Arne

Re: sftp - Logging file transfers

I'm answering my own post in the hope that it will be helpful to others.

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Yes, but you have to patch and recompile openssh.

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I've tested sftplogging from Sourceforge.net.

http://sftplogging.sourceforge.net /

1. download and expand openssh-x.x(.x)px source
2. download the patch and put it in the parent diretory of the openssh
   source directory
3. run "patch -p0 < openssh-x.x(.x)p.x.sftplogging.patch"
4. compile and install openssh

Now you can add the following parameters to your sshd_config file:
LogSftp yes    # The default is "no", so you _have_ to change this
SftpLogfacility # Default is AUTH, see /etc/syslog.conf for more info
SftpLogLevel    # Default is INFO
SftpUmask       # Set a global umask for sftp
SftpPermitChmod # Allow, or disallow chmod
SftpPermitChown # Allow, or disallow chown/chgrp

Stein Arne

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