sftp Authentication Issue (Unix to Windows)

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We're trying to set up passwordless authentication between a Unix
server, running:-

      bash-3.00$ ssh2 -V
      ssh2: F-Secure-SSH-2.3.1 (build 7) on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

and a windows (2003 R2) server, running:-

      SSH tectia Server v6.0.1.16

On the Unix side, I created a public key in the following format:-

      bash-3.00$ more batchftp_uat.pub
      ---- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----
      Subject: genevaz
      Comment: "2048-bit rsa, genevaz@nsufu351, Wed Apr 29 2009
      ---- END SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----

This has been placed in the .ssh2 directory on the Windows server,
under the user's configuration directory.

When I attempt to connect from the Unix to the Windows server, it
prompts me for a password. In the Windows Event Viewer, I get the
following warning:-

      Event Type:       Warning
      Event Source:     SSH Tectia Server
      Event Category:   None
      Event ID: 0
      Date:             5/27/2009
      Time:             6:00:54 AM
      User:             N/A
      Computer: xxxxxx
      708 Publickey_auth_error, Username: HNAH\svc-us-sftp-hbeuie,
Algorithm: publickey, "Signature verification failed.", Session-Id:

Could anyone point me towards what could be causing this error - I'm
presuming it's on the Windows side, but I may be wrong. Are there any
further tests that I could run, or information that I could provide
that would help me troubleshoot this issue.

Also, is anyone aware of any general compatibility issues between
these operating systems/versions of ssh/F-secure?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Burch

Re: sftp Authentication Issue (Unix to Windows)

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Have you follow the instructions on
to set up publickey authentication ?

It is hard to guess if your configurations are correct,
if you don't mention them in your posting.

Re: sftp Authentication Issue (Unix to Windows)

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These are the server configuration settings that I believe are related
to enabling authentication:-

Host Key (RSA) - Public/private key fields have entries, others don't:
Host Key (DSA), Certificate and External Key

Selectors tab: General section: Allow authentication for the user
that's attempting the connection

Parameters tab:-

Password Authentication: Allow password authentication

Public-Key Authentication: Allow public-key authentication

GSSAPI: Allow GSSAPI/Ticket Forwarding

Host-Based Authentication: Allow host-based authentication

Keyboard-Interactive Authentication: Allow keyboard-interactive

Basic tab:-

Terminal: Allow

Commands/Local Tunnels/Remote Tunnels: Deny All

SFTP tab:-

Allow SFTP

User home directory: %USERPROFILE%

Enable audit messages for SFTP

If you require any further information, please let me know.

Many thanks for your assistance.


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