SFTP and Unix 64 Bit compilation

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i want to compile  (GNU 3.2.2 or SUN Forte 7 with 64 Bit settings) and run
sftp under UNIX 64 Bit systems, but it does not work. Sftp can login und
store the fingerprint but the ls commando produces a core. I debuged and
found, that somehow the stack of some functions will be corrupted because of
an malloc call. I dont know why. I think the code is somehow not 64 Bit
safe. The same code compiled with GNU 3.2.2 or SUN Forte 7 with 32 Bit
settings will run fine.
Did anyone have experience or tried to run sftp with 64 Bit compilation?
It will be fine, if someone could give me a hint.


Re: SFTP and Unix 64 Bit compilation

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Which SSH software?  If it's OpenSSH, try the patch here:

Whatever the software, is there a reason you are compiling it 64-bit?

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Re: SFTP and Unix 64 Bit compilation

Marc wrote:
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Do you really need sftp? With "rsync -e ssh", you get a much more flexible
set of tools and the ability to more precisely duplicate a remote set of
files, including the precise duplication of symbolic links and hard links.
With SCP, you can also have some nicely flexible graphical tools that are
broadly availble. With WebDAV over HTTPS, you cat an even more broadly
available set of tools and a tighter control over remote file access,
because you're using the HTTP based, extremely limited directory permissions
rather than trying to deal with the lack of a built-in chroot cage for SSH

I've found sftp to be problematic at best, and frankly prefer using the
other techniques. WebDAV/HTTPS in particular for externally accessible web
materials and rsync for syncing directories.

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