Setting up Redhat9 ssh-server for sftp?

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I would like to setup a 'secure ftp' server for my workplace.
In the past, we set-up a traditional ftp-server using Redhat 7.2
and wu-ftpd.  I configured wu-ftpd to 'confine' each user's
root-directory to his homedirectory (there's a name for this,
I forgot what it's called.)  This worked great.

Now, I'd like to setup a 'secure' FTP-server.  I did a little
reading, and found out that most ssh-clients include a nice
GUI/front-end that looks like 'ftp'...For example, linux
includes the gftp program (ssh-capable), and putty for
Windows has a command-line sftp program.

Unfortunately, in every sftp client I've tried (windows, linux),
the user has full directory access to the entire disk directory structure.
When the sftp-user enters our ftp-server, I want that
user's '/' directory to be his home-directory. In other words,
he should not be allowed to see other user's directory,
or the /etc, /bin/, and other dirs.

I assume this is a server-side configuration issue.  I've
checked the man-page on sshd_config, but I
didn't see anything to accomplish this.  (If I missed
something, point it out!  I'm a novice...)

In ssh-server, Is it possible to somehow confine the user
ssh-logins to their home-dirs?  I'm using the openssh that
comes with Redhat 9...(the new ftp-server is going to be
upgraded from redhat 7.2 -> 9)


Is it just me, or does (Redhat 9's) gftp abort when I
ssh to a system that has /etc/motd.  (My machine has a
motd that's 15-20 lines of text.)

sftp for Windows (included with 'putty') can successfully
login and up/download files on the same server!

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