Setting home directory for OpenSSH logins

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I would like to assign special home directories for individual users and
cannot find any documentation that explains how to do this.  Basically, I'm
not wanting remote users to be dropped into the OpenSSH software
installation directory.  I can set permisions to read only but it would seem
so much more sensible to drop them into their own personal directory.

Thanks in advance

System: OEM PIII
OpenSSH Version: 3.0.2

Re: Setting home directory for OpenSSH logins

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Okay, I figured this one out.  The second to last field in the \etc\passwd
file contains the designator for the home directory.  You need to remember
to use Windoze directory convention, versus Unix, which means root starts at
"\" not "/".  I kept trying to reach a subdirectory using the unix root
convention which does not work.

Now what I would like to know is how to assign a unique startup script for
each user.  This is something that I've not found documented anywhere.

Re: Setting home directory for OpenSSH logins

Truth Monopoly wrote:
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You're stuck with some of that, there's no good way around it.

You *can* create chroot cages to keep them aware from the rest of the
system, such as the the ones at Or, if all you want is file
transfer and not SSH login sessions, you can set up WebDAV with SSL running
on Apache, which I highly recommend as a lighter weight and more integrated
solution for Windows users (who can then sort-of-mount the directory for cut
and paste file transfers in their "Network Neighborhood"), or Mac and UNIX
users (who can use the DAVexplorer graphical client) or the Linux users (who
can use Konqueror, which supports this directly).

I keep harping on this one because it works. SSH is very cool, but the
remote login capability it is built for is not appropriate if all you need
is the ability to do file transfers safely.

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