Send CTRL-C / Break via Plink?

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I occasionally use plink from a WinXP Commandline to do a traceroute
command via an ssh linux system (in a different network w/different
route table)  How can I (properly) send a remote CTRL-C (because the
host trace is as far as I need to see..and I'm just waiting for it to
get to 30  hops before natural time-out) to the remote termal via
windows plink without exiting the actually terminating the plink.exe
process in windows poorly.

Also, (while I'm at it) can I plink a remote interactive shell?

Thank you.

Re: Send CTRL-C / Break via Plink?

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Similar to this would be tcpdump or various other 'break when
complete' type commands.  anyway to remote issue ctrl-c clean/

Re: Send CTRL-C / Break via Plink?

On Tuesday, August 11, 2009 1:45:22 PM UTC-4, Antgoodlife wrote:
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Hey, I was wondering if you made any additional progress in regards to this issue? I'm actually having the exact same problem.

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