Seeing mapped drivers under XP/CYGWIN/OpenSSH 4.1p

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I am having a problem seeing mapped drives when connecting to SSH
server under cgywin - I am able to see all the local drivers, but for
some reason I can't see any mapped drivers or contact any SMB/CIFS

I saw some reports in the groups on this issue saying that since the
SYSTEM user owns the openssh server, it is unable to pass the right
token to SMB authentications.
I also saw some reports that when using a password it works  (instead
of using pubkey) but in my case it does not.

I am on a 2003 domain. All the users can login to the SSH server just
fine (after mkpaswd -d -l).

Anyone has any idea how to resolve this? My goal is to create a shared
home folder on all of the XP boxs, that will allow all users to connect
with their home folder no matter what XP they connect to.

Thank you for any help!

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