Security Risk? sshd: ALL

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How much of a security risk would it be for me to add:
ssdh: ALL
to my tcp-wrappers hosts.allow?

Why you ask.  Good question.  I access my work from home ocassionally.  I am
using SSH to tunnel VNC.  However, at home I have a DHCP IP address, which
changes ocassionally (obviously).  So when that happens I can not connect
until the next day, when I go back to work and put in my NEW IP in

If I had "ssh: ALL" in my hosts.allow, then I could SSH in no matter the IP,
and go from there.

*** Problem: I am a worried about the security risk of adding sshd: ALL to
my hosts.allow.  Is this a risk?

*** Currently I use:
# hosts.deny

# hosts.allow
ALL: home IP

*** Propose:
# hosts.deny

# hosts.allow
ALL: home IP
sshd: ALL

This would allow me to SSH in after my DHCP lease expires, and change the
hosts.allow file to reflect my NEW IP.

Whada' think?


Re: Security Risk? sshd: ALL

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As a data point, I've had it that way for months and nothing bad's happened
yet.  Well, I've gotten "Did not receive identification string" nine times
in the last month... probably a port scan hit port 22.

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So you're proposing to make this change at work?  You could have the home
system mail its address to you at work, or put "sshd: <home address range>"
into hosts.allow.

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So could anybody else (with a username & password)... you have to decide if
that's OK.

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IME, apparently not a big one.  But I wouldn't do it if I could avoid it.
Logging into my machine remotely has been very handy a few times.

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