Securing root directory on Windows 2003 Server

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I have installed OpenSSH 3.8.1p1 on Win2003Server and it seems to be
working fine. The tutorial I used said that restricting access to
files/directories should be done by setting corresponding ACLs in
Windows. I set up /cygdrive/c/www/ as a home directory for a user.

When the user logs in, he can access not only the home directory, but
also a top-level (/) directory, which defaults to the directory where
OpenSSH is installed. Thus all the config files become visible.

When I deny access to the entire OpenSSH folder for this particular
user or his group, it becomes impossible to login.

My question is: what folders/files should be made readable (writable?)
in the OpenSSH directory so that users could log in but would not be
able to go away from their home directory?


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