SecureCRT & F-Secure public key?

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Hey, all;

Here's the situation:

* I've installed and configured F-secure ssh ver 3.2.0 (build 7) for
a client as I did for their parent organization.  Everything works,
everything's great.

* I use openssh on my Linux laptop and am able to connect w/o issue
after converting my public keys to ssh2 format.

* The client has decided to go with SecureCRT on their Windows systems.
The format of the key seems the same as the standard ssh2 format.  When
I transfer the key up to a server, I cannot authenticate using
the public key using either RSA or DSA algorithms.

* I can convert the SecureCRT key to openssh, then back to ssh2 format -
that works.  After I send the SecureCRT->openssh->SSH2 key up to
the server I am able to authenticate using public keys.

Is this a known issue and, more importantly, does anyone know a
work around to it?  As far as I know, I am the only one w/openssh
here.  Although I would like the job security, I'm really not looking
forward to converting public keys for the rest of my career...

Thanks for any hints/tips/suggestions.

Doug O'Leary

Senior UNIX Admin
O'Leary Computer Enterprises (w) 630-904-6098 (c) 630-248-2749

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