scp vs rcp - password question

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In the SSH book by O'Reilly, it seems to suggest that scp is just rcp over
SSH and scp is intended to replace rcp with the least change.

I don't understand how scp can replace rcp. In Unix, which I think it is
where ssh was invented, rcp can copy file without specifying password. The
rcp server verifies the host and user_id in the .rhosts file and decide to
allow or disallow a copy. But when I use scp, it always ask me for password.

Suppose I have a bunch of scripts using rcp. What do I need to do besides
the single character change from "rcp" to "scp"? I tried copying server's
.rhosts to .shosts but that makes no difference.

I just started learning ssh so please use plain language... :)

Re: scp vs rcp - password question

John Smith wrote:
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SSH can use user keys, host keys, or .shosts type password-less
authentication. I'd recommend using user keys for small groups and host
based keys for larger groups. Never use regular hosts style ala rsh/cp/..

Do a "man ssh" and search for "host keys"... or Google away.

Key management can be done via NIS maps or rdist/sync them around. I mean,
lots of discussion could go on here.

Cheers, -Ali

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Re: scp vs rcp - password question

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SSH keys in NIS maps? Do you have a URI? What are the map names
called? Is it for host keys, user keys, both?

A quick Google didn't turn anything up.

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