SCP/SFTP Passthrough Solution?

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Greetings, I was hoping someone might be able to help me out

We have a firewall setup that currently only allows incoming SSH.
We then login and can SSH to 10 machines.  We'd like to set up a
way so the users can scp/sftp files from their windows systems using
WinSCP or something similar directly to the machines at the other end
of the firewall.

        *Only Port 22*
    /    /   |    \    \      \
   /    /    |     \    \      \
f1    f2    f3     f4   f5     gf

Does anyone know of a client or a method so I could do someting along the
lines of like

scp file.txt f1:/tmp -via=firewall  (obviously not a real syntax, but i hope
                                     it gets my idea across)

The users have their own login on the firewall, and on each individual system.
They have no access on said firewall to do anything except ssh to another system
or to change their passwords.

Any help?  Please?

I greatly appreciate any time someone could take to help us out.

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