scp/sftp : how to allow GET only ?

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Hi, I would like to configure scp or sftp to allow GET of remote files
only, while all remote ssh commands and PUT of local files are denied.
Does anyone know how to proceed ? Thanks a lot - Frederic

Re: scp/sftp : how to allow GET only ?

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This gets into a lot of complexity. Since you're probably doing this for
system security reasons, you probably also want to keep people restricted to
the target directory, not able to wander around the file system nabbing
other files with read-access for all, such as the /etc/passwd file or
interestnig files in /tmp. That takes a chroot cage or a fundamentally
different approach, such as WebDAV over SSL which I recommend.

Go buy the O'Reilly book on SSH for details, but UNIX-like permissions allow
you to create a directory, and files, that are readable to everyone but
writable only to restricted users. It then becomes a problem of how you can
safely deposit the files there with the right permissions.

Re: scp/sftp : how to allow GET only ? writes:

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Change the permissions of the files and directories that you want
protected so the users logging in don't have write permissions (chmod
444 file, chmod 555 dir).

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