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Hello all!

I have a little problem using scp.
I have 2 computers: A and B.
After executing "scp file user@B:" the file is copied, but on B I
cannot open/view the file, error message:" access denied on file"

Both of the hosts are running on windows, using openssh.
Any ideas, why is this happening?


Re: scp problem

Further investigation result:

- if I create a dir and put a file in the dir, after scp-ing the file
to the remote host, the file cannot be accessed
- if I scp a file from an already created dir, all work great, the
file can be accessed on remote host

sounds strange...:-S

Re: scp problem writes:

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So, what user is the file on B owned as and  what are its permissions.

Try logging in as administrator and see what the file permissions say. (I
do not run windows so cannot tell you how to do that)

Re: scp problem

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On B, the user is an administrator, so it should have all right to all
files, right?
In other words, even the admin cannot open the file.

P.S.: another strange thing: If I copy the file from an other
partition, on A (for example c, instead of e), it's all working well.

Re: scp problem

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Right-click the file and click the Security tab.

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It is possible to stop /anyone/ viewing a file by removing all
permissions. An admin user can take ownership/overide permissions though.

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It all depends on the default permissions which are inherited..

Russell Wood

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