scp hogs up CPU and cannot be killed

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I wonder if anyone has seen this problem. I have searched the
web but although I find a few mentions of it, I haven't found
a solution.

Scp'ing a large file (multi GB) to a Linux RH 8.0 box (8 cpus,
lots of memory, lots of disk space) causes the Linux box to get
into a tizzy: top shows scp using lots of cpu, cpu states
are 50%--75% system, scp cannot be killed by kill -9, and
although the box is alive, it is just crawling along.
Other jobs run very, very slowly.

The ssh version is at present a custom recompile (sorry, not
my decision) of the OpenBSD version of ssh, but we had this
problem also with the RH 8.0 version of ssh as well.
rpm -qi redhat-release says the build date is Sept 2002.

Is this a known problem in scp or ssh? Does someone -know for sure-
that it can be fixed by installing a recent release? Unfortunately
I'm not in a position to install stuff willy-nilly; I need to
have some solid information to go on in order to get someone
to act on it.

Thanks very much for your help!

Robert Dodier

Re: scp hogs up CPU and cannot be killed

I am not sure what version of ssh you are using but we never had this
problem with openssh 3.x. (Robert Dodier) wrote in message
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Re: scp hogs up CPU and cannot be killed

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RedHat 8.x uses a 3.x OpenSSH by default. However, 8x CPU's is asking a lot
of a 2.4 default kernel. Have you kept your kernel up-to-date?

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