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Dearest SSH Community,
I'm a bit confused on how SCP works, let me give you a scenario:
I'm over my friend John's house logging into my computer.
We'll call John's computer Johnbox and my computer Mybox.
So there I am listing directories on Mybox and I come accross a file I
want to download to Johnbox.
I can't figure out how to do that.
I'm using Putty as a client and at the c:\ on Mybox I'm typing
something to the effect of: scp file.txt John@"johnbox ip
Than nothing happens...please enlighten my sorry ass.


Re: SCP Help

  Richard Silverman

Re: SCP Help

The Putty scp executable is called pscp, for one thing.  Make sure that
youput in the full path to it on the command line, or make sure that it is
in a directory in your path.


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