SCP from UNIX box to Windows server

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I'm having problems sending a file from a UNIX box to a windows server.

UNIX box : son19
Windows : 130.x.x.x (home dir is c:\Documents and Settings\<user>

this is the command that I use scp $HOME/ <user>@130.x.x.x:.

but i keep getting this error :
<user>@130.x.x.x's password:
scp: warning: . (dest): No such file or directory.

On verbose node, this is what i get :

debug: SshTtyFlags/sshttyflags.c:294: Not a tty. (fd = 0)

scp:SshFCTransfer/sshfc_transfer.c:1642: Destination file didn't exist.

scp:Scp2/scp2.c:795: Received error SSH_FC_ERROR_PERMISSION_DENIED.

scp: warning: . (dest): No such file or directory.

scp:Scp2/scp2.c:728: Received error SSH_FC_OK, error message .

scp:Scp2/scp2.c:931: Transfer ready


son19:[user]:/abc/abc/home/user/.ssh2 > debug:
Ssh2ChannelSession/sshchsession.c:1380: received exit status : 0

debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:678: num_channels now 0

debug: Got session close with exit_status=0

Any ideas?


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