Samba 3, port 445 and SSH

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Currently implementing Samba 3 (pam sys auth) and OpenSSH on the Fedora
1.0 platform.

Samba is configured to utilize port 445 for *direct-hosted smb* ( no

Test client is Win2K box utilizing VanDyke Entunnel.

Samba works as expected, except for tunneled ssh.

Port 445 is forwarded to localhost 445.

When attempting to mount share utilizing net use <drive>:\<share> /USER:<workgroup>\<user> <password> via the Win2K
Command Prompt, net use complains that the user name or password is
invalid. When utilizing the actual server address in lieu of localhost,
mount succeeds.

Configuring Samba to listen to another port (20445) and forwarding to
localhost:20445 produces similar failures. A Fedora netstat check
indicates Samba is listening on

Could the issue with ssh be the long delay that Samba takes ( 'bout 20
seconds ) to authenticate?

Note that SSH tunneling is working properly on the test client and
server as I currently utilize it for squid, pop3, smtp, jabber and cups.

Help please.


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