Safe Passage does port forwards for you.

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Since getting a copy of Safe Passage, I'm convinced that SSH tunneling
will eventually be for everyone. The nice thing about this product is
that you can tunnel all of your traffic without any proxy settings. It
captures the packets at the driver level and tunnels them through SSH
to your SSH account. Since it does this at the driver level you can
also do windows filesharing accross the tunnel (essentially making
Safe Passage VPN client that uses SSH).

Also, Safe Passage will do your remote port forwarding for you. You
just put in the ports you want to forward and login. For instance I'm
behind a corporate firewall but I can still use Bit Torrent since I
can forward all of the recommended ports while tunneling out of the
firewall to an offsite SSH server.

Do yourself a favor and quit strugling with these comandline port
forwarding with SSH clients and get Safe Passage (which is built on
top of Putty!) See

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