running a PHP based daemon over SSH?

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I have a Daemon which is written as a PHP script.
I try to run it on a machine running centos via ssh. I ssh to the
machine, run the daemon, and I can see the Daemon is actually
I then exit the ssh connection and the daemon is killed.

Running C based daemons in the same manner works perfectly.

Any ideas to why this is happening?
Maybe there's something that PHP's fork is not doing properly?

Yaron Tadmor

Re: running a PHP based daemon over SSH?

ok... some more info.

I figured out this has to do with stdout and stderr "disappearing" for
the daemon. I can easily reproduce this without the ssh (just running
the script from the terminal and closing the terminal causes the
Daemon to die).
Redirecting all output to /dev/null solves the problem.

So I know this is becoming off-topic for this group, but still...
If anyone has any ideas on why the redirection of stdout and stderr
to /dev/null doesn't happen automatically when the shell exits I'll be
happy to hear.


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