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I'm using Pageant to hold my RSA private keys, and when I use a PuTTY
saved session to log in to a server where my RSA public keys are
stored, everything works fine (i.e., no prompt for password and I get
logged in).  However, when I do the same thing with PSFTP, I get
prompted for a password.  It sends the correct username, so I know
it's using the PuTTY saved session, but it won't authenticate via RSA
even though the documentation says it will.  Is this a known bug or am
I doing something wrong?

Also, I can only get batch commands to run in PSFTP if I use the '-b'
option ("psftp -b batch.scr sessionname") but not with the other batch
options ('-bc', '-batch', etc.)  Is this also a known bug?

I've tried the latest snapshot of PSFTP (last week) but it didn't help
either of these problems.

Thanks for any help...

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