RSA key creation with PuTTY: how?

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My server SSH manager requires an RSA Key, and it's been suggested
that I use PuTTY. But I can't see where PuTTY lets you create one.

There are various keys on the Web site, but surely I generate my own?
Directions would be appreciated.

Ian Tresman

Re: RSA key creation with PuTTY: how?

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I assume that you need to generate a key for an OpenSSH server, and
version 2 keys are preferred.

1. Use puttygen (part of the putty distribution).
2. When  puttygen starts, choose the "SSH2 RSA" radio button at the
bottom of the screen.
3. Click "Generate".  Move the mouse over the blank area as requested.
4. Create a long, complex "Key passphrase" and REMEMBER IT!
5. Click "Save private key".  The private key's file name should have
the extension ppk, "<filename>.ppk".  You'll need to point to this
file on your client computer when you log in.
6. Highlight the ENTIRE contents of the box "Public key for pasting
into OpenSSH authorized_keys2 file".  Type ^C to copy it, then type
^V to paste it into a text editor.  Make sure that the text editor
does not add any line breaks or other editing characters.  Save the
file as "<filename>.osk"  This is the OpenSSH key that you'll put on
your directory as file .ssh/authorized_keys on the server.  Note:
that's .ssh/authorized_keys, not authorized_keys2.

The private key stays on your client computer, protected by the


Re: RSA key creation with PuTTY: how?

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That's the answer, I didn't see that there was a separate program,
having downloaded PuTTY.exe seperately. All is now clear!

Thanks for the pointer.


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