router access through ssh

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Any info please on how to use ssh in order to access my router?
I can access it through my web browser but I would like to access the router
from the command prompt.

Any help will be appreciated!

new guy:)

Re: router access through ssh

new guy wrote:
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You'll have to look up the router's manual pages and documentation. Not that
many routers support SSH: the ability to do the session key management takes
some resources that the designers may not want to allocate to the management
tools, and some serious support time to build, although it's gotten more

But think carefully about how you do this, as you would for any secure
service. Access to SSH should be limited to trusted hosts, and should
probably use a private key that is secured and distinct from any other key
in use, to avoid people stealing one key or getting it from an active
ssh-agent session and getting access to your router as well as to other
systems. And I'd avoid SSH access from anywhere outside your own local,
physical network: routers are too important to your security to leave
configurable from elsewhere if you don't *have* to.

Re: router access through ssh

Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
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You can always disable WAN access to the router's config page, and
forward a port on a machine in the LAN back to the router. This is how I
access my router from outside the LAN.

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