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I'm trying something that i think is easy but i cant find any leads to how
to do it.
I want to open a session on a client that connects to my server and makes a
tunnel. So the remote client runs a cron job at a certain hour, opens a
tunnel. The only way i think it is possible is ssh-over-ssh .. but this
seems such a mad idea that i think it is beyond my linux capabilities. Any
ideas or help? a how-to maybe somewhere on the net ?

You may ask why i want to do that , well the remote machine is behind a
router which serves my dorm, i have no credentials to forward a port, so if
you know another solution, let me know.

Re: reverse shell session

waldo wrote:
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Let me make sure that I understand the problem. Are you saying you want
to access a PC that's behind a FW but can't forward the SSH port on the

You could run an ssh server on the machine that's behind the FW on some
port that the FW allows incoming connections on. I do this on my home
machine. Not for the same reason but for a little additional security.
It makes it that much harder for the script kiddies to find my server.

Once you get the tunnel working, check out dynamic port forwarding.
It'll let you use the machine in your dorm as a proxy. Then you can get
free proxifying software that'll allow any TCP/IP program to use that
proxy, even if it doesn't support it natively. I use FreeCap.

Re: reverse shell session

Chuck wrote:

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thanks for the reply, but yesterday I thought why not make a VPN so i'm
trying firts to make a vpn with ssh and pptp which should enable me
afterwards to ssh to the remote computer :).


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