Restricted SFTP access on Windows ?

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I installed opensshd on a Win2000 SBS
( /).  It work fine only for some
groups of users and I can't figure out why.

Event viewer reports 2 entries for users that can't log in: one with
"Failed keyboard-interactive for " user and another "Failed password"
for user.

If I add a certain groups to the user, it can log in.  I guess it's a
permission problem but I don't see where.  Could someone tell me what
are the necessary permissions to be able to log in with ssh?  I
thought that read & execute access on /bin, /usr, /etc, /var and /tmp
were enough (+ RW on home directory).

By the way, I need to restrict an account (webmaster) to an SFTP
access only.  Replacing the shell /bin/switch' with
/usr/sbin/sftp-server' do the trick but I don't think it's very
elegant way.  Is there another method?

I also need to restrict the webmaster account to the webroot only.  I
can use something like /cygdrive/c/InetPub/wwwroot as home directory
but how can I avoid browsing my entire system?

Any comments are welcome.


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