Remote desktop with X11.

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Hi group,

I need to open a remote desktop on my Linux box. I've configured my
sshd_config file but I think that I have to open 6000 (X11) port. Isn't it?
My firewall is not blocking port 6000 but the door is not open, I scan my
open ports and port 6000 is not open.
How can I open it? What service opens it? X11?
I hope soemone can help me.

Best regards,
Nuno Paquete

Re: Remote desktop with X11.

To the best of my knowledge, you can not open a remote "desktop" through
ssh.  At least I have never been successfully.

My workaround is use PuTTY. B

Before loging in with PuTTY, make certain the X11 Forwarding tunnel and
MIT Magic Cookie are set.  Login in.  Your DISPLAY environment variable
should be set correctly.

Start your favorite X app (nedit for example) in the background.  It
really is this simple.

I have not found a "desktop" that can be started this way.


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