Regularising ssh-ed25519

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I've written an Internet-Draft describing how to use Ed25519 in SSH and  
formally allocating the name "ssh-ed25519" for it:

The primary purpose of this is to regularise the use of that name by  
implementations.  I'd like to know what other SSH implementors think of  
this draft.  Questions I'm particularly interested in include:

* Is the specification technically correct?

* Is my guess that the first implementation of ssh-ed25519 was in  
OpenSSH by Markus Friedl correct?

* Is there a better way to reference the OpenSSH 6.5 release notes?

* Should this be Informational or Standards Track?  An IETF-approved  
Informational RFC is the minimum that's required to get an algorithm  
name allocated, but if ssh-ed25519 is expected to be the new standard  
public-key format, maybe it's worth the effort to put this on the  
Standards Track.

Ben Harris

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