Regarding Linux SSH

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I have a Suse linux with both IPv6 and IPv4 address but the IP6
address is a local link address .

Now output of netstat says that sshd is running on port 22 on IP6
Socket . and even
"lsof -i :22" indicates the same .

Now using Putty as ssh client , when i try to do ssh using IP4 address
on port 22 I am able to connect successfully and looks like (I am not
sure) sshd server spawns a child process with corresponding ip4
address and interesting point to note is that sshd is not listening on
IP4-Socket on any port .

Q1 : Can IP4 client socket talk to IP6 Server Socket ?
Q2 : How could Putty Client create ssh connection to this sshd on
linux box on different subnet without having sshd running on IP4
Socket on port-22

Any clue to help me understand this mistery would be great .


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