Redirecting progress bar output

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Hi there,

I've lots of transfers done using scp running in batch mode with
pub/priv keys authentication. As they are fully automated, I'm
redirecting output to logs. That works just fine, but I would
additionaly benefit from having progress bar output also in the logs.
However redirecting stdout and stderr doesn't seem to do the trick. Is
there a way this can be done?


Re: Redirecting progress bar output

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Go into the source tree, edit progressmeter.c, find the function
can_output().  Change it to:

    static int
      /* return (getpgrp() == tcgetpgrp(STDOUT_FILENO)); */
      return (1);

Rebuild from source, and run.

Alternatively, add code for a custom flag to force progress meters and
modify can_output to return 1 if that flag is set.
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