Re: tunneling X11 through 2 SSH segments. Help needed[if this is even possible]

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If it's cookie problems you're having, there may be an easy
answer.  Whenever you SSH to a box with X Forwarding enabled, a cookie
is stored in your .Xauthority file or some other file pointed to by the
XAUTHORITY environment variable.  When you ssh to another
box (or even SU to another user on the same box), you will NOT be able
to use the X Forwading  unless you bring your cookie along with you.

As an example, on my RedHat box, when I 'su' to root  from
my user account, RedHat will copy my .Xauthority file to a unique file
in root's home directory and point the XAUTHORITY variable
at it.  In this manner, I can continue to use X forwarding even when
I su to a different user.

The issue when using ssh to hop boxes will be the same.

Brian Pence
Author - AbsoluteTelnet Telnet/SSH client
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