Re: ssh access denied in Suse 9.0 fresh install

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[snip SSHv2 login]

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This is a SSHv1 connection.  Most versions of PuTTY (up to and including
0.53 I think?) default to SSHv1 if the server supports it.  For 3.7p1 and
up, OpenSSH requires keyboard-interactive (SSHv2) or TIS challenge-
response (SSHv1) authentication.  By default, PuTTY will not attempt
TIS for SSHv1.

To resolve your problem, do one or more of the following:
* Set "Protocol 2" in the server's sshd_config.  The default was that
PuTTY will use SSHv2 if v1 is not available.
* Configure PuTTY to use SSHv2 connections.
* Configure PuTTY to attempt "TIS/CryptoCardi Authentication" for SSHv1

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