Re: PuTTY: Server refused our public key

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]I'm trying to use putty to connect to a remout server. This is the
]first time I'm doing it so I'm not sure if I'm doing it the right way.
]1.  On the Linux server how do I know what version of ssh is running?
]All I know that there is a directory .ssh and there is a file called
]known_hosts ( not authorised_keys).

]2.  On my Windows box, I used puttygen to generate a key.  I saved
]public and private keys and copied the public key over to known_hosts
]file. (I copied whatever was in "public key for pasting into
]authorized_keys file"). I made sure it's all one line.  BTW public and
]private keys are the same.  Is that how it's supposed to be?  Puttygen
]only generates one key. Is the format different?

Uh, no, you do not copy your public key to the known_hosts file on either

It is your system which copies the public key of the remote computer (not use,
computer) into your
know hosts file.

You have to copy your public key from your computer to the .ssh/authorized_keys
file on the remote

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