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4.4 The Keyboard panel

The Keyboard configuration panel allows you to control the
behaviour of the keyboard in PuTTY.

4.4.1 Changing the action of the Backspace key

Some terminals believe that the Backspace key should send the same
thing to the server as Control-H (ASCII code 8). Other terminals
believe that the Backspace key should send ASCII code 127 (usually
known as Control-?) so that it can be distinguished from
Control-H. This option allows you to choose which code PuTTY
generates when you press Backspace.

If you are connecting to a Unix system, you will probably find
that the Unix stty command lets you configure which the server
expects to see, so you might not need to change which one PuTTY
generates. On other systems, the server's expectation might be
fixed and you might have no choice but to configure PuTTY.

If you do have the choice, we recommend configuring PuTTY to
generate Control-? and configuring the server to expect it,
because that allows applications such as emacs to use Control-H
for help.
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