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    ns> Hi all, I am using Solaris 8 and i installed OpenSSH version :
    ns> openssh 2.3.0.p1SPARC 32bit Solaris 8...
    ns> But, i can't connect to the Solaris Server by using SSH client
    ns> "PUTTY" for under Windows (release 0.58). I have the following
    ns> error message on the server : WARNING: /usr/local/etc/primes does
    ns> not exist, using old prime

You can get a copy of the primes file from a current OpenSSH package.
This is not the cause of your problem, though.

    ns> Disconnecting: Bad packet length -647701274.

The version of OpenSSH you're using is quite old, and might easily have a
bug that causes this.  I suggest you compile & try the current version.

  Richard Silverman

Re: Problem using OpenSSH

Thank You Richard

Best Regards

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