Re: Mac OS X to Linux SSH Login Problems

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    BL> I currently have a Gentoo-Linux 2.6.10-r2 System setup.  I want to
    BL> be able to login in via SSH from my Mac G4 PowerBook running Mac
    BL> OS X 10.3.7.  I had everything working, but I had to change the
    BL> password on the Linux box for the user that I normally login as.
    BL> What is strange now is that when I try to login from the MAC, it
    BL> does not prompt me for a "login" name, just a password.

I don't believe any version of OpenSSH has ever prompted for a login name.
If you don't specify it with -l or user@host, it defaults to username of
the uid running the ssh command.  I can't imagine what you're talking

  Richard Silverman

Re: Mac OS X to Linux SSH Login Problems

My stupidity!!  All set now.

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