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(I assume that by "standby mode" you mean you're putting the computer
running PuTTY into a suspend-to-RAM mode where programs aren't running.)

Since PuTTY won't respond to any packets the server sends, and the
server will usually kill the connection if a response isn't forthcoming,
you don't want the server to send anything while the client is idle; if
you can arrange that, you _might_ get away with this (but it's not
guaranteed; the client OS may irretrievably break TCP connections as
part of standby, for instance).

So, no, TCP keepalives (or any other kind of keepalive) will hinder you,
not help you. Another thing to watch out for is server-initiated
time-based rekey (in SSH-2).

There is some discussion of these issues in the PuTTY manual, at

Re: keeping SSH active

On Wed, 25 Apr 2007 00:53:36 -0700, Jacob Nevins  

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Thanks, as I suspected it is the server side,

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