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Shiva MahaDeva wrote...
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| Do you really need an VT340 terminal emulation from your PC to
| your Solaris box? I doubt very much that there is any application
| on the Solaris box that need a VT340 display.

Dear Harry:

I guess you need some advanced Hogwart's training to know, without
having seen it, that a user's application does not depend on some
special feature of the VT340 terminal type.

| If no, you can download putty, and it is a very good
| free terminal emulator supporting ssh.

Putty is quite nice for a free program, but the visual appearance
and interface of its terminal emulation are just not up to the
professional standard that KEA 340 provides.  In particular, the
end users may depend upon keyboard-mapping features which KEA 340
provides but Putty does not.

| If you really need an VT340, you can search the web to see which
| softwares can support both ssh and VT340.

Attachmate's current products KEA 340 (version 5.1), KEA 420, and
NetWizard Professional do offer SSH connectivity:,1016,504_1,00.html,1016,4100_1,00.html

Otherwise, I maintain a list of vendors of terminal-emulation products,
many of which do support SSH communication.  See this page:

which is part of my "Video Terminal Information" archive:


K.L. says to try
which, however, contains no caffeine.

Re: KEA and SSH

If you really need VT340 (ReGIS and Techtronix graphics) support and SSH
connectivity, check out
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS.

Joe Silagi
WRQ, Inc.

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