re: Jumpstart technologies warning message

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I run Freebsd at the receiving end of a ssh server, and SSH Secure Shell by
Sssh Communications as a client. (version 3.2.3)
I've been using this for a long time, with no problems, but today, upon
initinializing my connection, I got a warning message
(it seems it originated by ssh as the window looked ssh like with an
interrogation sign) warning about the connection needing authentication
or something like that, not doing so could be infringing fraud laws or
something , also a warning about monitoring keystrokes.

Has anyone seen or heard something like this ?? Is this an error message
part of ssh ?? I have uninstalled the version 3.2.3 and updated to 3.2.9
However Im really puzzled at this, in the display where normally I would see
my server welcome message I saw a long message by Jumpstart
Technologies Inc. in the same line as stated above.

Is there a possibility to sniff my connection either from my terminal, or
server or in between ?? (Router, etc )

Any help or clue, will be much appreciated.

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