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I have never used rdist.  Can any one tell me if I can update the
password file using rdist?
I have about 60 servers that needs to have a new password.  Where I am
working they do not
want to use the .rhost file.  Unfortunately its not an NIS network.

Is there a quick way of doing this than manually?
Roger Vaede

Re: rdist question

rogv24@yahoo.com wrote:
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You can update almost anything you want with rdist.  I think some group
other than an SSH one would be better to ask, though.

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Depends on your infrastructure.  There's nothing native in SSH that will
help you.  You might have other things in place...

Rdist is one of several programs that attempt to (among other things)
copy files to machines under certain conditions.  You could copy over
/etc/passwd /etc/shadow files, but that would copy the whole file.
Usually you need more granularity than that.

Assuming I had scriptable ssh root access to all the target machines, I
might put a program on every machine that took a password and updated
the account, then call the program remotely.  That may or may not be
possible with the default 'passwd' program on your machine, depending on
the OS.  There's lots of ways to do this wrong and hose your account
files (or other troubles).

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Re: rdist question

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I'd send SSH based $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys files, or switch to an LDAP
based central account management system.

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