Random software droppouts using Putty 0.53b

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  Hello All,

  I keep getting ssh droppouts using Putty, yet I can remain logged into th=
e same PC using telnet okay. I did try termpro to test the ssh but that doe=
sn't understand ssh2

The actual error is:
Network error: Software caused connection abort


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Re: Random software droppouts using Putty 0.53b

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Have you tried using keepalives?  I have sometimes found that I got
this error when I encountered NAT timeouts on a firewall machine, and
that enabling keepalives helped me avoid this.  The PuTTY
documentation has this to say about your error:

10.13 "Network error: Software caused connection abort"

This error occurs when the Windows network code decides that your
network connection is dead. For example, it will happen if you pull
the network cable out of the back of an Ethernet-connected computer,
or if Windows has any other similar reason to believe the entire
network has become unreachable.

We are not aware of any reason why this error might occur that would
represent a bug in PuTTY. The problem is between you, your Windows
system, your network and the remote system.


Re: Random software droppouts using Putty 0.53b

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I'm having the same or a similar problem, but, at least in my case, I'm
blaming it on the Netgear MR814v2 router.  It works great when I'm
connected via Ethernet, but it breaks momentarily 2-4 times an hour on

IOW, my experience suggests it's not PuTTY, as well.

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Re: Random software droppouts using Putty 0.53b

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I had that problem with mine and returned it as faulty.  I was using
Avaya client cards FWIW, and only had trouble talking to the Netgear.

The interface would drop out just for a second, but long enough to cream
any TCP connections that were established.  It didn't affect just PuTTY,
that was just the most visible symptom.

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