Random "remote socket was reset" with SSH

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I've seen this problem adressed many times but never found a suitable
answer. Here is a brief description :
An ssh client tries to connect to a sshd server, and it works most of
the time. But sometimes, and it's fairly impossible to predict (and
obviously to reproduce), the connexion fails with a message that said :

ssh_exchange_identification: read: A connection with a remote socket
was reset by that socket.

In my configuration, i had constated that the problem is more likely to
occur when there are multiple concurrent connexions on the sshd. I had
done what i can to lessen this number, but now it comes again.

I have seen two options in the manual page : ClientAliveCountMax and
ClientAliveInterval. Could someone tell me if they may be related to
the problem, or not ? They are not present in the ssd_config file on my
server, so their default values (resp. 3 and 0) applies.

Unfortunately, i can't debug the problem as i would because the
environnement can't easily be changed.

Version of the software is OpenSSH_3.8.1p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004
on AIX 5.3 (client and server are on the same type of soft/hardware).

Thanks for any help or clue.

Denis Valdenaire

Re: Random "remote socket was reset" with SSH

reply to self : i have understand since that "client alive messages"
will not be sent because  ClientAliveInterval is set to zero.

This has nothing to do with the problem so far.

Joe Linux wrote:
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Re: Random "remote socket was reset" with SSH

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That's a symptom of the server dropping the connection immediately after
accept()ing it.  Typical causes are a) tcpwrappers (if it happens all the
time, so probably not in your case unless you have NAT pool or something),
b) reaching the maximum number of unauthenticated connections, or c)
the sshd process dying for some reason.

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Sounds like b).  Try increasing the MaxStartups setting in sshd_config
and restarting sshd.  The default is 10 so try 20 or 30.

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