Radius tunnel from Linux to Microsoft IAS

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I know this sounds backwards but this is in fact what I need to do.

I need to tunnel Radius from my Linux host to a Microsoft IAS server.
My Radius client is pam_auth_radius by FreeRadius, its implmentation of
the client protocol is rather minimal.  I can't in my limited time
frame integrate EAP or any of its derivatives to the client which is
where SSH is coming from.  I am using OpenSSH 4.3ps so it does have the
ability to open a bi-directional "vpn" like tunnel (using -w) but only
to other OpenSSH servers I assume.  Perhaps using -W is not the best
approach and I should attempt using the old style -L port forwarding
with netcat or some other UDP -> TCP tool.  My problem is what is
requried on the IAS side to terminate the tunnel and then route
properly back the Radius responses to my Linux host.  NetCat isn't
available on Windows, I don't think.

Does anyone have a clue how I might accomplish this?  Open to any/all


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