questions about "Requesting a Pseudo-Terminal"

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There are two sections of the SSH specs I have questions about.  The
first is Section 6.2: Request a Pseudo-Terminal:

The above link uses vt100 as an example TERM environment variable
value for SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUEST.  PuTTY uses xterm.  What advantages
does xterm offer over vt100?

Also, according to the above link, "the dimension parameters are *only
informational" (emphasis mine).  In that case, why have them?

I did "cat test.txt" on a file which had the letter "a" repeated 100
times.  The terminal was an 80x24 one but instead of adding a "\n"
after the 79th "a" nothing happened.  This suggests that the above
link is correct when it says "the dimension parameters are *only*

Finally, I have another question about Section 6.5: Starting a Shell
or a Command:

Per that link, "only one of these requests can succeed per channel".
I can understand why "shell" should only have one
SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUEST per channel but what about "exec"?  Why not
allow additional "exec" channel requests after SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_EOF is
received?  As is, there's really no point in doing something like
"cd .." via "exec" when it's just going to be undone when the channel
is closed.

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