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My laptop (Debian Woody unstable) is behind a Linksys router acting as
a firewall (all ports from inside allowed out, only 22, 80, 443
allowed from outside).  When I ssh to machines inside the LAN, they
never disconnect. If I connect to a machine outside of the LAN (DMZ),
it hangs after about 5 minutes of idle time, despite the fact that I
have "KeepAlive yes" in my sshd_config file.

I imagine that it have something to do with my Linksys box, but I
can't figure out what.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Ralph

Re: Q: KeepAlive not working

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KeepAlive will turn on TCP keepalives, which by default are 2 hours
apart.  You can try ClientAliveInterval (server side).  Debian also
ships with a third-party keep-alive patch for the client side, but I
don't remember the option for that (check the man page for ssh_config).

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There have been at least 3 other reports of LinkSys-related SSH problems.
See http://bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug.cgi?id=510

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