PuTTY X11 forwarding and not using localhost

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I'm using X11 forwarding in PuTTY and by default it binds the port
redirect to localhost on my local machine. I would like to be able to
specify the IP instead, is this possible (I'm running PuTTY in a
Citrix environment and applications are not allowed to use localhost)?

i.e. putty.exe -X



Re: PuTTY X11 forwarding and not using localhost

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I just went through this. If you direct your X session to the IP of
your incoming host, you have to leave the X server open to accept the
connections from such hosts as your SSH target. Unfortunately, most
people do this allowing *ALL* hosts to make X connections on that
server. The result is that *ANYONE* who can reach your machine can run
any X program they wish from their own host. This includes "xroach",
which makes cockroach images run around your screen and you have to
splat them with your mouse.

I've done this to people to remind them not to do this. The scream
was.... pretty good.

What you're describing is a setting you'd have to set up with
a .bashrc or .cshrc on the SSH server side, and it's not secured. If
Putty is using X forwarding, it's really X *tunneling*, with a port
connected to "localhost" on the SSH server side and tunneled back to
your local X server on your local host.

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